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Laser Hair Removal for MEN & WOMEN

Motif Vantage Syneron Elos Plus machine. With this new technology it will give clients better and faster results by using both a Diode laser and Bipolar RF energy.

Effective for men and women of all Skin Types. Reduces unwanted facial and body hair by up to 95%. This treatment replaces painful waxing, tweezing and electrolysis, and greatly reduces time spent shaving. Raine Aesthetics offers a safe alternative for our clients with the most advanced laser technology,

Prices are per treatment

Abdomen                    180 

Areola                         50

Back                           350

Bikini                          100

Bikini/ Underarms      150

Brazilian                     200

Buttocks                     150

Chest                          200

Chest/Abdomen         300

Chin                           75

Chin/Lip                     120

Eyebrow                    50

Feet                           85

Full Arms                   250

Full Face                    200

Full Legs                    375

Hands                        90

Lower Arms               165

Lower Legs                225

Neck                          90

Underarms                100

Upper Lip                   60

Pkgs of 4 Treatments


Laser Hair Removal

Full Arms               750

Back                      1050

Brazilian                 650

Chin/Lip                  360

Chest/Abdomen     950

Full Face                650

Full Legs                1250

Lower Legs             750