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Laser Hair Removal






Up to 8 treatments one area of concern for free until hairs are completely gone.

Value worth up to $1600

Treatments cannot be transferred from area to area. (E.g. if the persons area of concern is their chin or chin and lip and it had taken only 5 treatments they cannot use the remaining 3 on another area like underarms) Any other area that is not agreed upon is at the person’s expense.

Hair Removal treatments must be used within 10 months of the draw date.



3 Sublative treatments for Acne Scarring Value worth $1350

Sublative treatments must be used within 5 months of draw date.

There is an expiry to the prizes. The Laser Hair Removal must be used within 10 months of draw date and the Sublative must be used within 5 months of draw date.

Contest Closes September 30, 2018

Winners will be chosen October 5th, 2018 . Each contestant will be carefully reviewed and will be given to the person that we believe deserves to receive the treatments due to their situation and that is the best candidate to receive the treatments.


Laser Hair Removal and Sublative Acne Treatment Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations must be read and agreed upon by all parties involved:

  1. All persons nominated must be living within 150 kms of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  2. You may nominate yourself, parent, sibling, friend, a relative, or an associate. But the nominated needs to agree to be nominated.
    1. If the person nominated is under the age of 18, parent(s) or guardian’s consent is required and have parent(s) or guardian present for treatment sessions.
    2. Any and all nominees being nominated have excess hair growth or acne scarring causing self-esteem issues and cannot afford regular treatments but need them.
    3. The nominated candidate cannot have any of the following medical conditions:

        1. Pacemaker/Defibrillator,
        2. Metal Implants,
        3. Currently have Cancer
        4. Diabetic or PCO
        5. On Blood thinning medications
        6. Severe Concurrent Medical Conditions(cardiac disorders)
        7. Pregnant or nursing or may become pregnant during treatments
        8. Impaired Immune System (HIV or AIDS)
        9. Facial Laser Resurfacing/Deep Chemical Peels in last 3 months
        10. Active Skin Infections (e.g. Psoriasis, eczema, or rash)
        11. Accutane in past 6 months
        12. Saphenous Insufficiency
        13. Injections or Fillers including Botox
        14. Permanent tattooing or permanent make up in the treatment area
      1. Conditions that require a DOCTOR’S NOTE prior to treatment:
        1. History of Blood Disorders 
        2. Had any Surgical Procedures in the last 3 months
        3. PAST History of Cancer (cannot currently have cancer)
        4. Diseases stimulated by Light (e.g. Lupus, Porphyria, Epilepsy)
        5. Skin Disorders (e.g. Keloids, abnormal wound healing)
        6. Currently using photosensitive medications, vitamins, herbs including Tetracycline or St John’s Wort.
    1. Nominating a person or persons MUST be done via e-mail ONLY at [email protected]
    2. All parties must understand contest rules and agree to be nominated. All eligible candidates must accept and understand the treatments and what they involve. They also understand there may be downtime or a healing process to these treatments and agree to all rules and regulations.
    3. The following information must be included in the email:
      1. Nominated’s NAME
      2. Nominated’s AGE and Sex.
      3. 2 or more PICTURES of the nominated. Pictures must contain a:
        1. Full Face : 1 full face of the nominated(this picture will be for your file only)
        2. Close-up picture of area of concern (e.g. Hairs on face or acne scaring of cheeks etc.)
        3. Pictures must be clear to be able to see the area of concern. If a hair issue we must be able to see hairs and if acne scarring issue must be able to see the scars.
    4. The reason you think they deserve to win the contest. Must also state if it is a self-esteem or financial related, etc.
    5. Nominees phone number, address and best time to contact them if they are chosen.
    6. The name of the person(s) who is doing the nominating.
    7. If the person being nominated is under the age of 18, we require the parent(s) name, phone number and address. Parent(s) or guardian will be contacted if the recipient is under the age of 18. The parent(s) or guardian and the contest winner must agree that their child can accept this treatment. Also fully understand the process, agree to accompany their child to appointed times.
  2. All parties involved including the Nominated understand there may be an additional cost for products and agree to purchase these products for the treatment. The product may include but not limited to cleansers, moisturizers, hyaluronic acid, hydrocortisone cream, Polysporin etc. which may be purchase at Raine Aesthetics or retailer offering these products to aid in the healing process.
  3. All parties understand and agree to the treatments and what is involved.

    1. Laser Hair Removal uses a Diode laser and Bipolar RF Energy to give optimal results. Our new laser is top of the line and gives all our clients better and faster results than other IPL, LHE, and Lasers out on the market today. There are potential complications/side effects:
      1. 10-20% chance of developing hypo and hyper pigmentation
      2. Purpura, blistering, weeping, minor burns and crusting
      3. Freckles and brown spots may lighten and disappear
      4. Pimples, redness and swelling
      5. Less than 1% chance of scarring

Each treatment will be completed once every 4-6 weeks or as per what the licenced Clinical Esthetician states or requires.

The Nominated Winner must agree that they will not tan (naturally or tanning beds) tweeze, wax or use hair removal creams during the duration of the treatments.

    1. Sublative uses Bipolar RF Energy to stimulate the collagen to repair the skin. There is little to no down time with this procedure. Nominees must understand that there is a possibility of short-term effects such as:
      1. Some discomfort during and after treatment. An over the counter anaesthetic may be used to help lessen the discomfort and may be applied before procedure.
      2. Reddening (erythema) and or Swelling (edema) may last 1-3 days
      3. Mild burning ,crusting, blister depending on area may last 5-14 days
      4. Temporary bruising
      5. Temporary discoloration of the skin (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation. It is vital to have NO CURRENT FRESH TAN
      6. The possibility of rare side effects such as scarring and permanent discoloration. To help prevent any scarring Nominees must agree not to pick, scratch or rub off any crusting or scabs that may occur.
      7. The 3 treatments will be done once every 5-6 weeks or as per what the licenced Clinical Esthetician states or requires.
      8. There may be extra cost for this treatment due to the healing process which may include Cleanser, Moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.
  1. All parties involved including Nominee and (if required) Parent(s) or Guardian(s) agree to arrive at the appointed times for their treatment schedule and will not cancel treatments unless agreed upon with the Certified Clinical Esthetician. If Nominee does not show up or 15 minutes late for appointment they agree to pay a $50 no show fee. And if the Nominee does not show up to 2 of the appointments they may be disqualified from contest and no longer able to receive their treatments. If this should happen they will be responsible for the fees associated to the treatments.
  2. ALL parties agree to have the winners name published in office and social media including but not limited to Facebook and Raine Aesthetics’ website.
  3. ALL parties involve must agree that the nominated will have their before and after pictures taken and agree to sign a photo release waver form allowing Raine Aesthetics to use their before and after pictures in office or on social media including but not limited to Facebook page and the Raine Aesthetics’ website. Any and all photos will be cropped to show only area of concern unless area is the complete face.
  4. All parties agree and understand that this contest is in NO way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook and that Facebook is only meant as a form of advertising and will not hold them accountable for anything to do with this contest.
  5. By entering this contest, the nominator, nominee, and the parent(s) or guardian of anyone who has not reached the age of majority agree to the contest rules stated here-in.